Sunday, January 27, 2013

Review: Twilite: A Parody by Sue Knott

Description: This parody skewers the best-selling novel about the sparkly undead. Whether you're a "Twilight" lover or hater*, you'll laugh out loud. The scribd preview generated over 50,000 hits, a 5-star rating and rave reviews including:
"I love Twilight. But I swear I think I almost love this even more."
"This was hilarious!"
"boi i luv this book!! amazing"

Whether you're a "Twilight" lover or hater, you will enjoy the non-stop humor and subtle commentary on that best-seller's view of the world. (If you haven't read "Twilight," you'll just say, "Hunh?" If you've seen the movie, but haven't read the book, we're not sure what you'll think...let us know!)

People ask whether it's worth reading all 498 pages of "Twilight" just to truly appreciate "TwiLITE A Parody." That's a tough question. "Twilight" is a page-turner, but you'll never get those hours back. However, if you really, really love to snicker, it's worth it. 

Do not confuse this parody with fan fiction. This is a true parody. It follows Stephenie's book non-event by non-event, exposing the ridiculous every step of the way. Its stars are Edward Sullen and Bella Swoon, and boy is she clumsy.

Because author, Sue Knott, believes Twilight's endless descriptive passages of vampire hunkieness could not possibly be rendered more absurd, only the "meat" of the original novel is mocked. That makes this parody blessedly shorter than the lengthy vampire tome it skewers...but you'll wish there were more! 

This is the perfect gift for friends who don't understand why you don't like Twilight.
Read it. Laugh. And come back to share your review. 

*Disclaimer: haters find it funnier than fans.

Language: Mild
Violence: Mild
Sexual: Mild

Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, so reading a parody on it was awesome and a nice change to my reading norms. It’s not that I strongly dislike Twilight, but it is not something I generally leap at the chance to buy or read. This book is another thing I would not charge to the book store to buy, but it is one I am glad to have read. It is an interesting and rather hilarious story for me, considering it is fairly unusual for me to read parodies. But it sounded unique, and I thank First Reads for allowing me to read and review this piece.

Despite the fact that Twilite: A Parody is not the lengthiest story (at around one hundred and twenty pages), it is a funny and insightful book, making the original novel by Stephenie Meyer have a new insight on the fellas such as I whose hearts are not won by the vampire/werewolf/human love triangle. This being said, I could chuckle numerous times throughout this parody, clearly knowing before I started that I would not be offended whatsoever, but humored.

Cover: Simple, it plays off of the cover of Twilight with a funny twist.

Setting: Phoenix.

Characters: The author makes fun of the characters, changing their names to sound similar to the characters created by Stephenie Meyer but making them more amusing to the reader, and manages to make the reader laugh at their obliviousness and lack of integrity throughout this well-told parody.

Storyline: A girl moves to a small town, and thus begins the blossoming of a romance and adventure nobody in the story expected would ever happen. Unique, I know. Call me sarcastic.

Writing: I enjoyed reading the hilarious writing style as I strolled through this quick read.

Surprises: Predictable but still entertaining, this is a story that both makes fun of and brings more insight onto the original story it plays off of.

Overall: 3 stars. This is very different from anything I have ever read before, which is something that is easy for me to state because I read very few parodies, and it is a read that may annoy some readers from time-to-time. Although extremely short in size and with bigger print, this book has a longer feel to it (probably because of all the exclamation points Bella uses and incorrect grammar I could pick out quickly).

Recommended: I would recommend this to anyone who loves parodies, doesn’t prefer Twilight, and will push the offensiveness of the fans aside for an enlightening read.

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