Content Scale

This is my content scale rating, where you can understand what I mean when I say "Clean, Mild, Moderate, or Heavy."

  • Clean: None; no uses of profanity.
  • Mild: A few small cuss words here & there, but not enough to take away from the book. May contain a**/h***/d***.
  • Moderate: More than a few cuss words, but nothing too major. For example, nothing more than you'd hear on an episode of 'House'/'Castle'. May contain the above as well as p***/s***/b****.
  • Heavy: All of the above words used frequently. May also contain gd/f. Any book that has gd/f in it, even once & even if it is the only swear word in the book, will automatically receive this rating.

Sexual Content:
  • Clean: No sexual dialogue. May be a small amount of kissing without many details.
  • Mild: Kissing with some details. May also contain a very small amount of sexual dialogue.
  • Moderate:Some heavy kissing with a little detail, but nothing too graphic. May also contain some sexual dialogue (may be only mentioned, not necessarily described).
  • Heavy: Crude/heavy sexual dialogue. Nudity/removal of clothes. Sex scenes (may or may not be described).

  • Clean: None; no violence.
  • Mild: Violence mentioned, but not really described. There may also be one or two small incidents described without much detail or some bullying.
  • Moderate: War violence(good vs. evil) with some description, but not too much detail. May also include rape,but with out (much) detail.
  • Heavy: Rape with a lot of details. Graphic/glorified violence.

Other Mentionables:

  • Drug use.
  • Underage smoking/drinking.
  • Witchcraft/fortune tellers/etc.

  • Anything else in a book I feel should be mentioned will be.

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